Infologic Services
Choose ProductMust be provided

Please enter the information below and then press the Request Key button
Mobile Phone Make and ModelMust be provided eg. Nokia 6230i
Phone CodeMust be provided Your Phone Code can be found at the bottom of the Set Licence Key screen when the app is run on your mobile phone, eg. 1234567
Email AddressMust be provided Your email address must be supplied so that we can issue the correct licence key or send you a trial key
If you need a full licence you must also complete the following fields.
Leave blank if you require a trial key
Purchase Reference This is your purchase or transaction reference
IMEI, MEID or BlackBerry Pin eg. 351234567123456. On many devices the IMEI number can be retrieved by entering *#06#. Your IMEI or ID can also be found with your original phone packaging or on the phone itself, possibly underneath the battery. NB. BlackBerry users should enter their BB Pin.
NB. You may also be able to request a key directly from your mobile phone app. Go to the Licence Menu and select Request Trial Key or Request Licence Key

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